Year 1 Semester 2

I promised myself I would blog this year, but after 2 weeks of this semester checked off, I’m thinking that it’s going to be nearly impossible.  {We shall see}

So I survived my first semester of PT school *sigh of relief* looking back at the fall semester it really wasn’t that bad.  It probably wouldn’t have been that bad in the midst of the semester had I not moved across the state, planned a wedding, and gotten married within the 1st 3 months, but hey you gotta do whatcha gotta do.

I’ve crossed off 2 weeks of this 2nd semester, and already I’ve learned how to skin a cadaver, chisel a vertebral column, and noticed that the guy from vampire diaries has really nice Scalenes. Making it through PT school is truly going to be the biggest test I’ve had yet, and I couldn’t do it without God and a great support system. I may be almost 23 and married, but I will never be too grown to call my momma for a good cry and a pep talk. Melissa Walters will definitely get an honorary Mom PT degree if we make it through these 3 years.

Even though I’m getting going into my 2nd semester, I still have days that I just look around and cannot believe I’m really here. Getting here has been a process of many years, a lot of work, and many prayers. I’m so thankful I’m on this journey even if it’s an uphill battle sometimes.

God is so good.



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